Sorry, you wont find a traditional “About Me” page here. That's because being WILD is about YOU.

WILD is about US.

WE are WILD as one TRIBE.

So, who is the WILD Woman?

The WILD woman is authentic to herself and her own race!
She is included in the WILD Tribe whether she finishes first or last, has pink hair or no hair, is 78 or 18 years old, is wearing bright red lipstick and mascara at the swim start or is sporting no makeup.

She is all of us looking to pursue our ambitions, curiosities and striving to push the VISION of dreaming big each day. She wakes up early and stays up late to accomplish her goals.

She is part of a TRIBE that encourages each other to live our lives to the fullest and keep on PERSISTING.

WILD is a tribe of women that are in this together doing triathlons our way!

We are the WILD Women Tribe.

WILD encompasses individuality. Authenticity. YOU being YOU.

TOGETHER we can go further than our WILDEST dreams could ever take us.

Together we are stronger!
Together we can #OWNOURWILD.